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A L E X & Kendall Miles - Hollow Moon

A L E X & Kendall Miles - Hollow Moon

Today, we're extremely proud to present Hollow Moon. The brand new 9 track album from A L E X & Kendall Miles

Hollow Moon is a great example of how a collaborative album should be done; marrying both artists styles together and creating something truly unique. The album features beautiful guitars, haunting vocals and piano coupled with laid back beats. And as expect from any A L E X release, is drenched in nostalgia.

Both A L E X and Kendall Miles worked on all tracks together, and even brought in Idealism for a feature on the closing track Last October. The whole thing comes together to create something special, and something that we at Beatsupply are proud to be a part of.

Hollow Moon Cassette

Together with A L E X & Kendall Miles, we've created a limited batch of 50 hand made cassettes, recorded and produced in-house. The album is also available digitally through our website and our bandcamp page, with other stores and streaming services available from 30th November.

You can pick up your copy on the site here, or use this alternate link to head to our bandcamp and other services when they become available.


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