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IOM - Juno (Limited Edition Cassette)

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Juno, the sophomore album from IOM is out now exclusively on beatsupply. 12 more Lofi Hiphop beats for your ears. You won't want to miss this.

This is a limited edition cassette run of 25 units.

(Includes MP3 320 digital download. Digital downloads will be emailed to you once the cassette has shipped)

  1. A Sea Of Writings
  2. Lethargy (Feat. Orloe)
  3. Rosegarden
  4. New Home
  5. Kerri's Lullaby
  6. Speak To Me (Feat. Kerri)
  7. Juno (Feat. Hands)
  8. Out Of Reach
  9. Where Does The Time Go
  10. Lost Clouds
  11. At Last
  12. This Means Goodbye

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