Behind Clouds debut release on Beatsupply ‘The Meeting of Two Personalities’ is a dreamy and nostalgic EP that features vintage style vocals. We caught up with him to learn more about the release, the story behind his artist name and more.


First and foremost we are thrilled to welcome you at Beatsupply, please introduce yourself in a few words.

I am a composer inspired by life experiences. The goal is to connect and relate with the listener through composed sounds and melodies to convey feelings and emotions into music.

‘The Meeting of Two Personalities’ is a stunning release that conveys a nostalgic and warm feeling that instantly puts you in a dream like state. How do you go about creating your releases, do you follow a theme, set a concept or let yourself drift away and see where you end up?

I think we as humans are all influenced by emotions of past & present experiences. It really depends on how i feel, what’s going on in my life, or my current thought process is how i go about producing a song.

What is the story behind your artist name?

The beauty of what lies within and beyond the sky has always been a huge part to me. A lot of different meanings within that but the main one for the beauty it held, was my mother has transitioned, so looking up to the sky and feeling what’s behind the clouds is a warmth i can’t describe.

Being a multi-instrumentalist, you probably went through a variety of music genres and styles, what did you produce / compose before starting the ‘Behind Clouds’ project?

I started out composing piano pieces and ambient style music. I stumbled upon the genre of lofi and chill hop and fell in love with the genres textures and dusty beats that i knew from the first time i listened that this is what i’d like to produce.

What is the best advice you were given or that you can give to others, and lastly what do you want to be remembered for?

Finding what you love to do is the main thing. May it be in any art form, helping/educating people or any other opportunity to contribute yourself to others. I feel if you are being creative and/or helping others then it will be rewarding to you. To be remembered, is not really a goal of mine, but to be able to put an emotion into a project and hopefully relate to another person and possibly ease their minds of the situation they are currently in is the goal.

Thank you for your insights!

Interviewed by Dominic Caudr