#beatsupplyflip Challenge

Every month, we run a competition for producers and beat makers to flip a sample. The winners get prizes, and the world hears something fresh. Open to everybody!


This month, we’ve teamed up with Echo World to bring you a special opportunity.

How To Enter

Couldn’t be easier! Just upload your track video to Instagram, tag us @beatsupply, @echoworld.co, @cruise.ctrl_ and include the hashtag #beatsupplyflip. We’ll share each track with credit and a link to your profile so even more people see it. Win win!

There are 2 prizes to be won each month (outlined below) with first place being judged by the sample maker and the runner up being judged by us.

This Months Sample Is Provided By


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Key: Cmin – BPM: 91

November 2020


Anyone can enter!

First Place is decided by the sample creator. The Runner Up is decided by us here at Beatsupply.

All you have to do is upload a track to Instagram, tag us, the sample creator and the #beatsupplyflip hashtag. We’ll share submissions with your credit and Instagram handle so you reach a wider audience. Your track video can be a performance, a visualization, whatever you like.

We’ll announce the winners at the end of each month. We’ll DM them on Instagram, as well as posting on our own social channels and our website.

First Place

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (80ohm)

Chosen by the sample creator.

Runner Up

$50 Bandcamp Gift Card

Chosen by Beatsupply x Echo World

Both Winners will be offered a digital split release by Echo World & Beatsupply.