The summer is slowly coming to an end and we are crawling back into our studios. Losing the sense of time while digging through music is something truly special and we appreciate it a lot that we are constantly in touch with new artists and their fresh takes on all things music. The songs that we discovered this month are from Dan Whitlam, Nick Wolf, dupree, Sami Buzani and many more. Expect some textural lofi hiphop, moody downtempo beats and emotional rap.

Sami Buzani – Monotonia

dupree. – Seeking

Dan Whitlam – Young Minds

IOM & Haquin – She Won’t Say

Bob Andria – Fall

Magnole – Voices

Nick Wolf & Vannorte – Weightless

Thank you for listening. We hope that you discovered some new favorite songs and artists. Check out our curated ‘Beatsupply Selects’ Spotify playlist if you are hungry for more.