The summer is finally here, a fair bit hotter than expected but after such a long winter we really shouldn’t complain. Despite that we are chilling in the shadows and are enjoying every cold breeze and thunderstorm that refreshes our senses. The fans and airconditioners are whirring in the background, blending in with our daily noisefloor in studios and home offices. The songs that we discovered this month are a perfect fit for outdoor activities or simply sitting in the grass with your friends, blasting tunes through a bluetooth box and enjoying some cold drinks in good company. Expect some wonderful lush lofi hiphop & rap, downtempo beats and feelgood indie music.

Juno Roome – Gardens

Jesse 5k – Easy Mind

Spliff Hemingway & Jazz Spastiks

Merlin Szy – Full Circle

92elm – Blind

Flo Fi – Colour Blinded

Bobby Dreamz BIG & FRANZ – Flight

Mila Coolness – Midnight Sky Ride

BØLT – Glider

Thank you for listening. We hope that you discovered some new favorite songs and artists. Check out our curated ‘Beatsupply Selects’ Spotify playlist if you are hungry for more.