As some of you may know we recently joined Submithub and are really enjoying how much it streamlined our process of featuring new songs and artists. In addition to Spotify playlists & Mixcloud radio features we thought it would be a nice idea to make a monthly roundup of our favorite new discoveries in blog format. So here we go, those are our personal favorite music submissions of May 2021. Expect wonderful lush lofi hiphop & rap, downtempo beats and some wild experimental hyperpop. If you are interested in sending us your music for consideration head over to our ‘Get Featured’ page.

Yonderling – Riverwalk

ItsMeHowl – The Container Store

Ghostnaut – Watery Soul

Big Lo – Water

Khamari – Jealous

Teddy Roxpin – Water Memory

GaryOAKland – All I Need Is Your Love

Prince Shakir feat. MAVI – The Great Delusion

Harry Nathan feat. Angus1 – I’m In Need

pposture & yung thom – Make Believe

Thank you for listening. We hope that you discovered some new favorite songs and artists. Check out our curated ‘Beatsupply Selects’ Spotify playlist if you are hungry for more.