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A L E X - Growing Up, Vol 2 (Limited Edition Cassette)

A L E X - Growing Up, Vol 2 (Limited Edition Cassette)

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Growing Up, Vol. 2 is the second full length album from U.S producer A L E X, featuring 28 tracks of dusty nostalgic beats and melancholic vocals.

This is a limited edition cassette run of 30 units.

Begins shipping: 3rd August 2018

(Includes MP3 320 digital download. Digital downloads will be emailed to you once the cassette has shipped) 

  1. Double Scoop
  2. Iloveyou
  3. Ikea
  4. Backyard
  5. Skirt
  6. 1.34Am
  7. 9 To 5
  8. I Got Lost At The Aquarium
  9. This Week
  10. Ghosts
  11. Dropped My Cassette Tape In The Bath Tub
  12. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  13. Peppy Wont Fly Straight And Its Getting On My Nerves
  14. Basement Talks
  15. Easy Track
  16. Yyy
  17. Its Been A Really Long Time
  18. Rare One
  19. Dont Mess Me Up When Im Tryin To Summon Bahamut
  20. Golden Mercedes
  21. Alicks Is Going To Die
  22. Soul Will Mess With Me
  23. Whatever You Call It, I Need It Out Of My Head
  24. Field
  25. Save Me
  26. Maya (Feat. Alicks)
  27. Proud Of You (Feat. Alicks)
  28. Out On The Trampoline At Night


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