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A L E X – Growing Up, Vol. 3 (Limited Edition Cassette)

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A L E X – Growing Up, Vol. 3

Growing Up, Vol. 3 is the third full length album from U.S producer A L E X, featuring 25 tracks of dusty nostalgic beats and melancholic vocals.

This is a limited edition cassette run of 30 units.

  1. Moonlight
  2. Windo
  3. Dreamd
  4. B&
  5. And It Just Keeps On Raining
  6. Four by Four
  7. A Beat I Threw In The Back Of My Car
  8. Green Hills
  9. Musterd
  10. Riverside Bathing
  11. Vulkan
  12. I Didn’t Mean Anything
  13. Honey
  14. Missed Her In LA
  15. Fourty Nine Yards
  16. Up In The Heat
  17. Frame Perfect
  18. Select Your Driver (feat. Ditzzy)
  19. Exit Machina
  20. Already named
  21. Lego Racer
  22. I Can’t See Their Beauty Through Their Fear
  23. Just Tired I Guess (Just Tired)
  24. Not Real
  25. The End (Outro)

Includes Digital Download


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